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Cation Ion Exchange Resins

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cation exchange resin resin, Tulsion T-46 H

Strong premium grade acidic cation exchange resin in hydroxide form

Tulsion T-46 H 25 litre

Tulsion T-46 is primarily used for purification of reactor coolant water and moderator in nuclear power station plants to keep corrosion products to the minimum and thus protecting the heat transfer surfaces from scaling and corrosion

Tulsion T-46 is manufactured under the most stringent quality controls to ensure minimal matallic impurities resulting in the highest purity of the ionic form supplied

Price: £50.00 each (£60 including vat and UK delivery)

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cation exchange resin, Purolite C100H

Gel polystyrene Cation Resin crosslinked with divinylbenzene

Purolite C100H, 25 litre

Application - Demineralization - Industrial Coflow regenerated systems

Excellent physical and chemicalstability

Good kinetic performance

High operating capacity

Price: £70.00 each (£84.00 including vat and UK delivery)

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