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Fitted Systems

We are very pleased to say that we are now fitting systems. Our systems are fitted by a qualified engineer and prices can be given upon request. You can contact us by either phone or email, details can be found on our contact page.

Daqua's fitted sytems Daqua's fitted sytems

Full Systems Pricing (left picture)

350L Tank- £1400 + vat (£1680.00)
400L Tank - £1480 + vat (£1776.00)
500L Tank - £1550 + vat (£1860.00)
650L Tank - £1640 + vat (£1968.00)

Price package above includes the following:
25l Bag of Mixed Bed Resin
20ft Hybrid Pole and Brush
Pump and Flow Controller
Tank and Frame Fitted
100m of Minibore Hose
Metal Hose Reel
TDS Meter
DI Funnel
11l DI Vessel
110amp Battery

Frame and Fitting Pricing (right picture)

350L Frame- £300 + vat (£360.00)
400L Frame - £320 + vat (£384.00)
500L Frame - £360 + vat (£432.00)
650L Frame - £440 + vat (£528.00)

Price only includes frame and fitting